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Privacy Policy and Data Protection Act 1998

Blackheath and Bramley Choral Society (BBCS) respects your privacy. This statement explains how we collect data and what we do with it.


What information does the BBCS collect and why?


We collect personal data that you have consented for us to use as part of our work in:


a) informing you of rehearsals, events and meetings such as the AGM

b) reminding you of the annual membership renewal

c) collecting gift aid


Emails may be sent to you on the understanding that you have consented to be informed about BBCS.


We do not hold, nor do we seek, any information other than that requested on our membership form.


What BBCS does with your information?


We want to keep you updated about choir rehearsals, arrangements for concerts and for social events.

If you relinquish your membership or request amendments, the information will be permanently deleted or changed accordingly


If you do not wish your details to be held then do not submit the membership form and arrange to pay your subscription direct with the treasurer.

How does BBCS keep your information secure?


Your details, which extend to no more than necessary to distribute material as described above are held on a secure electronic storage and retrieval system to which only the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Website Administrator have access. It is password-protected.


Paper records, for example hard copy membership forms, are securely held then entered onto the system before being securely destroyed.


How long does BBCS keep the information?


The data is kept only for as long as it is necessary for us to communicate with you for the purposes set out above or until you tell us you do not wish to receive messages from us. 


We may contact you at some juncture to ascertain you still wish to receive our output and that your details are accurate. Of course, you may request your information to be deleted completely at any time.

Changes to the Privacy Policy


This statement will be reviewed in line with changing legislation and may be modified from time to time to take account of changes.

Information source: Making Music guidelines


Data user – Blackheath and Bramley Choral Society. Making Music advises that members will be deemed exempt from notifying the Information Commissioner if the following policy guidelines are adhered to.


  • To establish and maintain a record of membership

  • To establish and maintain a supporters’ mailing list

  • To provide or administer activities for members and supporters

Data Held

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • E mail address

  • Voice section (members only)

Data may be held in electronic and manual form


  • By means of the membership registration form, members will be advised of this policy and agree to their data being held in accordance with it

  • When membership lapses, the data will be held for mailing purposes unless the retiring member requests otherwise, in writing

  • Workshop participants (non-members) will be advised in writing that their data will be held for the purpose of the administration of the event and retained for future event publicity purposes, unless they request otherwise, in writing

  • Supporters will be asked to request in writing inclusion on the mailing list



  • The data and associated documentation will be the responsibility of the Committee Secretary who may afford copies of this data to any society member delegated by the Committee to assist them

  • Members are entitled to inspect the data held on themselves; enquiries should be made in writing to the Secretary

  • Committee members have access to the data held by the Secretary for the better performance of their duties

  • The data will not be made generally available to the membership

  • Other than publishing a list of members’ names in newsletters and programmes, the data will not be passed to any person or body outside the Society

  • Ex-Directory telephone numbers will be known only to the Secretary unless permission is otherwise given

  • E mail addresses will be deleted from the mailing lists at the request of an individual with immediate effect

Last updated 28-6-18.

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